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professional negligence claims

When you employ a professional such as a solicitor, financial adviser, accountant, surveyor or an architect to undertake work on your behalf, you expect them to perform to the standards expected of them. This, however, is not always the case. Unfortunately, in what is known as professional negligence, professionals can sometimes fail to provide work of a reasonable standard, which can then lead to you suffering damage or loss.


A professional will always have a duty of care to their clients to ensure that they perform their job to a reasonable standard and with reasonable care and consideration. If this has not been the case and you feel that you have been a victim of professional negligence, we are here to assist in gaining the appropriate level of compensation.

If you would like to discuss a professional negligence claim, call us on our freephone number, 0800 195 95 90, to talk to one of our solicitors.

A claim for professional negligence compensation can be made against almost any professional who may have caused you a loss. You could claim if you lose out due to an under valuation made by a surveyor, or if your solicitor fails to meet vital limitation dates and causes you to miss out on a settlement.

At Smith Jones Solicitors, we have been dealing with professional negligence claims for many years. As a firm with many valuable years of experience, we are also often referred work from The Law Society to advise clients in claims against other solicitors.

In case that have been brought before a Stage 3 hearing, our team have secured an average 84% higher settlement than the defendants final offer.1

Professional negligence claims operate in a different way to other claims. As the claimant you are able to claim up to six years after the malpractice, as opposed to the standard three years with other claims.

To discuss claiming for professional negligence compensation that you might be entitled to, call us for free on 0800 195 95 90 and explain your circumstances with one of our expert solicitors, we’ll be able to assist with the process.

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