Learning To Cope With A Spinal Cord Injury


The human body is incredibly resilient; its ability to heal itself over time is nothing short of amazing, to some even miraculous. On the other hand, our body can also be fragile and certain injuries may take much longer to heal, some sadly never do. Certain parts of our body are more fragile than others and unfortunately, it’s these body parts that often have the biggest impact on our lives when they are damaged. The human vertebrae or spine is one of these parts.

A spinal injury can be absolutely devastating for anyone who suffers one. Even the smallest injury to the spine can result in a horrendous amount of pain and can be very debilitating, causing sufferers to have weeks, even months off work, effecting all areas of their lives. A slipped disc, for example, is an injury that is not considered life changing but ask anyone who has suffered from one to describe it and they will tell you it was the single worst pain of their lives. Not only that it often causes their professional and personal lives to come to a complete standstill. This means no going to the gym, walking the dog or any other task that requires being active. Even spending time with loved ones and doing mundane tasks such as the dishes can be exhausting or painful.

Dealing with a Change in Circumstances

And all this is just the simple injuries to the spine, the more severe injuries can sadly last forever and change a person’s life completely. Spinal injuries can result in permanent nerve damage that means the sufferer can no longer walk or worse never move again at all. It goes without saying that this is ruinous to someone’s life, it tragically can also only be the start of the problems. Such serious injuries often mean the end of ones career just as they are now faced with a lifetime of potential medical costs at the same time. The toll this can take on a human being is clearly not just physical and financial, depression and other mental health concerns can also arise following such a devastating injury.

While everything above can appear hopeless, life can always offer an opportunity for an injured person to not only cope but also thrive in the face of adversity. Many people suffering from spinal injuries have learnt ways to not allow their accident or disability to define them and go on to live their lives as full as any other person. They may have undergone a trauma but life is still full of possibilities despite it. From our research we have compiled a number of ways that victims of serious spinal injuries have managed to endure, learn to cope with and even conquer the huge challenge that they have face to face every day.

Early Diagnosis

Seeking medical advice as soon as possible is key to helping recovery with most forms of spinal injury. Some injuries are so devastating that most sufferers are likely to be rushed to hospital immediately, but other injuries symptoms may be more subtle and take time to appear.  If you have suffered any spinal trauma or suspect you may be injured do not neglect your injury. Seek advice as soon as possible to make sure further damage is limited. Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between seeking treatment and the time it takes to recover.

Treatment for physical trauma isn’t the only medical help you should look into, it’s just as important to take care of your mental health after suffering a serious spinal injury. Any accident that results in damage that could change your life can leave mental scars as well as physical ones. Sadly depression is a common symptom in this scenario and just speaking to your doctor about your back may not be all sufferers of spinal injuries need when making a full recover. Further research does indicate that those who keep their minds healthy and positive do indeed have a better chance of recovery than those who don’t. Maintaining good mental health is important for everyone but even more important for those going through the long and stressful trials of recovery. A connection between stress and physical illness has long been recognised by doctors and psychologists so do not underestimate this.

Get Sound Legal Advice

Legal aid is also something all sufferers of spinal injuries should investigate. More often than not whatever caused the injury was not your fault and justice will need to be satisfied. For some people, focusing on recovery is their priority but there are other factors to consider. As discussed those who have suffered from serious spinal trauma may be forced to give up their careers, drastically reducing their income. This could lead to all sorts of problems such as paying bills, the mortgage or even the costs associated with medical care. In these situations, sufferers from spinal injuries owe it to themselves and their families see if legal aid can help ease their already heavy burden.

Stay Positive

The final piece of advice we have compiled is from exiting sufferers of spinal injuries is simple although it may appear easier said than done. That advice is – keep on living your life – do the things you enjoyed before you got injured as much as you can. Keep your routine, do you go for a drink and a pub quiz with your friends on a Friday evening? Still go. Do the exercise your medical advice allows. Look after yourself and eat well. Don’t ever let your injury be your focus. That should be your recovery and the enjoyment of your life.

Those who have recovered or refused to be defeated by serious spinal injuries have mastered this and have embraced hope rather than despair. Medical science is a marvel and improvements and breakthroughs are made by the geniuses that work within it every day. The next breakthrough they make may be exactly the thing victims of serious spinal injuries are waiting for so never give up.