Shoulder Injury at Work

Delivering furniture caused Mr Smart to suffer an injury to his shoulder.

Upon being retired from work because of ill health, Mr Smart instructed ourselves to take on his case where it was conducted by one of our experienced solicitors.

Mr Smart, who worked as a courier in the Coleshill area of Warwickshire, was delivering a package of flatpack furniture to a customer’s home when the accident occurred.

As he was carrying the furniture, which weighed approximately 55 kilograms, Mr Smart felt a sudden sharp pain in his right shoulder. It was subsequently discovered that carrying the furniture had caused Mr Smart to develop a tear in his rotator cuff.

Upon seeking medical treatment and being informed of the tear to his rotator cuff, Mr Smart was advised that he would require surgery and would need to take a short period of time away from work.

Unfortunately, the surgery was unsuccessful and Mr Smart was advised that he would have to undergo further medical treatment to correct the problem. Again, this second round of treatment was unsuccessful.

Mr Smart decided not to undergo any further surgery and was retired from work on the grounds of ill health.

After investigation into the accident, it was deemed that Mr Smart was injured through no fault of his own and the matter was settled in the sum of £20,000.