Shoulder Injury at Work

Mr Griffiths’ accident took place during a working day at his place of employment.


After suffering these problems, Mr Griffiths consulted our services where the matter was conducted by Vanessa DeVries, experienced Litigation Executive.


Employed as a driver by a large motor vehicle provider based at Manchester Airport, Mr Griffiths was walking back to his vehicle after collecting his keys when he tripped over trailing wires and fell to the ground.


As a result of the force from falling, Mr Griffiths found himself in a great deal of pain. After seeking medical advice, it was later revealed that he had suffered a dislocation of his left shoulder.


Due to the injuries caused by the accident, Mr Griffiths was absent from work for a period of time.


Upon returning to work, Mr Griffiths continued to find himself facing further pain and problems. Upon investigation into the accident, the case was settled to Mr Griffiths’ satisfaction with the sum of £4,750 being awarded as compensation for the injuries sustained.