Plant Machinery Accident

Mr Howells was at work when his accident took place. He was a fitter in a plant tool hire business based on an industrial estate in Birmingham. At the end of the day, his job required him to move display machinery and equipment that was outside, into the building so that it could be locked away overnight for security purposes. Mr Howells was moving decks which would be fitted to scaffolding, allowing people to walk along or work from them.


Mr Howells was in the process of moving one of the decks, but metal dangling from the deck caught on one of the other decks stacked beneath it and pulled it forwards, causing it to fall heavily on his head. As the decks were of a substantial weight, the impact of it landing on Mr Howells’ head caused severe pain and his head to bleed profusely. As a result of his injuries, Mr Howell was taken to A&E where the wound was cleaned, checked and he received stitches.


When Mr Howells returned to hospital for the stitches to be removed, he explained to the staff the symptoms he had been suffering since the accident, intense headaches, nauseous and constant pain, and they informed him that these symptoms were all to be expected from the concussion.


Even though Mr Howells was able to return to work, the pain and stiffness persisted and the injuries also affected his life outside of work. These activities were tasks such as housework and DIY, and social activities like his playing darts. As a result, Mr Howells attended two courses of osteopathic treatment and an examination by a Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon and the case settled in the sum of £7,000.


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