Head Injury at Work

Mrs Cook suffered injuries to her head and face as the result of an accident that occurred at the railway station where she was employed.

Upon receiving these injuries, Mrs Cook instructed ourselves to take on her case.

During the course of her everyday duties as an Incident Officer for a national rail provider, Mrs Cook was required to operate a crossover point mechanical box. Whilst she was operating the box, the points bar unexpectedly swung upwards and struck her on the side of the head. The force of this bar striking her was enough to cause her head and facial injuries.

After investigation of this workplace accident, it was identified that the liability lay with her employer, the rail provider.

The liability was admitted by Mrs Cook’s employer and her claim went on to be settled for the sum of £2,500.

The accident and resulting injuries affected Mrs Cook’s role as the primary carer for a family member, this was reflected in the compensation she received.