Head Injury at Work

Mrs Wilding was at work in Blackpool when her accident took place. At the time, Mrs Wilding was working as a receptionist and was sitting at her desk. She leant over to reach for a file, when her chair flipped backwards and Mrs Wilding fell back hitting her head on the floor. As the floor was concrete with only a thin layer of carpet tiles covering it, the impact on Mrs Wilding’s head was quite significant.


Despite the fall Mrs Wilding continued working for the rest of the day. However, by the next day, she felt considerably worse and decided to attend A&E where she was given advice about head injuries and pain relief. After a further three days Mrs Wilding noticed she was unable to get her words out properly and returned to the hospital where she was given a CT scan which revealed a bleed on the brain. Mrs Wilding was kept in for observation but after a further deterioration underwent surgery to relieve the pressure which had built up around her brain.


As Mrs Wilding had missed a holiday due to the accident and had needed care and help around the house for three months, along with some time off work.


“An excellent service, I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.”


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