Bicycle Traffic Accident

Our client in this case, instructed Smith Jones following a Road Traffic Collision on his bicycle in Lancashire.

Mr Simpson, was established in the road, when an oncoming van turned right across his path. He tried to take action to avoid a collision by veering left into a side road but was unsuccessful.

A passer-by witnessed the accident and provided immediate assistance to Mr Simpson who attended A&E for his injuries.

He suffered a soft tissue injury to the right hand – pain in the thumb and pain at the proximal interphalangeal joints of the index and middle fingers.

He also suffered superficial injuries to the left elbow, left knee and left ankle which were resolved within 3 weeks.

The injuries to Mr Simpsons thumb and fingers were not resolved for a further two years and one year respectively.

In addition to his physical injuries, a diagnosis was given of a ‘specific phobia’ with a recovery period of 12-18 months from the start of “strategies”. The psychologist recommended that Mr Simpson try an alternative to formal therapy in the first instance. He recommended getting back on his bike and joining a club to regain some confidence and planned an assessment to review progress and consider formal treatment .

Mr Simpson’s carbon fibre bike and clothing were damage as a result of the accident and a sum of just over £3000 was agreed to compensate him for this and his other losses associated with the accident such as medication, treatment and travel costs. General damages (compensation) for his injuries were settled at £8,500 which was £500 higher than the client anticipated.

Mr Simpson’s claim was settled in total for just over £11,500.