Amputation at Work

Mr Grove found himself injured after suffering an accident at work which ultimately lead to amputation. Consulting us for assistance, Mr Grove’s claim was conducted by Dermot Woodhead.

A skilled mechanical engineer, Mr Grove was employed by an engineering company in Dudley and was working on a horizontal boring machine at the time of his accident.

The machine, which was being used to machine a roll carrier, required a set up process which involved positioning two steel angle plates on either side of the machine which would be used to hold the component in place. This set up process required the angle plates to be moved into position with the assistance of an overhead crane due to them weighing approximately half a tonne each.

While Mr Grove was in the process of attaching a rope sling to one of the plates, the sling snapped. This caused the plate to fall onto his right hand, resulting in injury for Mr Grove. As Mr Grove is right handed, the injury occurred to his dominant hand.

After seeking medical attention, Mr Grove found himself having to undergo multiple operations which lead to a period of time absent from work. As his injuries persisted and further surgery was required, the results of the accident subsequently lead to Mr Grove having to have his thumb amputated, forcing him into early retirement.

As Specialist Work Accident Solicitors we investigated the claim & we found that the engineering company, which employed Mr Grove, was liable for the accident. As a result of this, the company then went on to be prosecuted by the Health & Safety Executive for offences arising from the accident.

To compensate Mr Grove for his injuries, the engineering company made an offer to settle the matter for a sum of £145,000.00. This was accepted by Mr Grove.

Commenting on Smith Jones’ handling of his case, Mr Grove had to say:

Thank you for your compassion and the hard work you put into this claim. Hope we don’t need you again, but would know where to turn if we did. Would recommend you.