Accident at Work

The client in this case instructed Smith Jones after his original solicitors were unable to identify an insurer to deal with the case and closed down his file. 

At the time of his accident, Mr Thornhill was a freelance electrician working in the film industry. Whilst working as an “employee” on a short-term contract he was knocked over and injured by a reversing vehicle on the film set and suffered injuries.

We were unable to identify an insurer for the vehicle involved which was on lease, but through effective communication, we found that the employer’s insurers were prepared to deal with the case.

Mr Thornhill suffered a fracture to his left wrist in the accident and whilst his injuries prevented him from working for a period of three months, a full recovery was achieved.

Despite the uncertain nature of his employment (it being a series of short term contacts), and a lack of evidence of his earnings in and around that time (due to the passage of time and also not being able to access information due to the Covid-19 pandemic), settlement was agreed by Solicitor Lesley Wilkinson, at £10,000 which was accepted by Mr Thornhill.