Equality Statement

We recognise that discrimination in the workplace in any form is unacceptable and in most cases unlawful. We have therefore adopted an Equal Opportunities Policy to ensure that all job applicants and employees are treated fairly and without favour or prejudice.

We are committed to applying this policy throughout all areas of employment, recruitment and selection, training, development and promotion. In all situations people will be judged solely on merit or ability.

Supporting Talent & Continuing Professional Development

We encourage our employees to be the best that they can be. This means recognising talent and continuing to nurture it.
We encourage our employees to attend regular training updates to ensure that our staff and our business are at the forefront of our profession.
We draw from the experience and expertise of our senior consultants and support them in sharing this knowledge whether it be in-house or in external advisory roles such as conferences.

We are proud to have been in a position to offer training contracts to deserving graduates each year for the past five consecutive years.
Giving a graduate the opportunity to embark on their career in law is gratifying in itself but in doing so, our business has been enriched with a team of exceptional Solicitors that add an extra dimension to the team. Whilst gaining a wealth of knowledge and expertise from the more experienced members of our team they bring with them a fresh new approach to many aspects of our business.


Where possible, we are committed to employing people who live in the community in which we work. Apprenticeships have been a real asset to our company in recent years. In our experience, they provide a motivated and satisfied workforce that often become an integral part of the team.


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